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Welcome to the SVMLINK Login Helper! 

The Login Helper is designed to be used as a checklist to help you determine the appropriate action to take concerning the problem encountered with logging into SVMLINK.  Please answer the questions in order and follow the appropriate response given.

Q - Have you been through academy recently and received your new site instructions and login information?
A -

Q - Have you tried your login information more than once?
A -
Please make sure you are typing in your User ID and password exactly as shown on the letter you received.  Our website is case sensitive, so be sure to check the "Caps Lock" and "Num Lock" keys to see that these are not the problems.  Additional precautions :   Be careful because there are similarities between some numbers and letters.  Examples are the number "1" versus the letter "l" and the number "0" versus the letter "O".

Q - Have you received a message stating your password has expired?
A -
If so, follow the on screen instructions.

Q - Are you receiving any error messages?
A -
Fill in the form below and include the exact message you received in your response.

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Should you not have any of the information below, please enter n/a in the field as all fields are required in order to assist you with problems on the site.
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